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Supply Crate – Carlos

Day 6 of 2023. We're working on getting the gears turning for the year. We've already started hitting the fundraising scene with a charity esports tournament, and some folks are getting their DonorDrives signed up and ready.

Today's Supply Crate update comes from Carlos, a medically retired Veteran:

I was medically retired from the army in late 2018, I have always turned to gaming when I am having a bad day, battling with my inner thoughts, or just having a crappy day. My wife and daughters are really helpful in this constant fight but lately due to my increased trauma i am just having a hard time finding peace, I love all kinds of games and really have no preference, although i am not into call of duty or any shooter games i guess since it reminds me of my times in afghanistan, I honestly don't know if i am a good candidate but i am humbly asking for help from one vet to another in finding a hobby that could stick with me without having to put any start up money since my income is the only one that's being supportive until my wife can find a job.

Sounds like Carlos needed some help getting a console. That's where we come in.

Received the supply crate and I am beyond exited. Thank you so much and the stack up fam, with this i am going to be able to play forza horizon since I have heard it is incredible, also microsoft flight simulator and hopefully just wind away from reality a bit. Y'all have made my day thank you so much!

Forza Horizon is indeed incredible. Good flying to Carlos.

Da_Olaf sponsored Carlos' Supply Crate. Thanks to Da_Olaf and community for fundraising to help Stack Up send out yet another Supply Crate to a deserving Veteran.

DonorDrive signups have already started. Our Influencer Relations Team is already geared up and ready to help you on your fundraising journey.

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