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Supply Crate – Brian Bair

We have another awesome story to tell you today about another one of our supply crate missions. This time our mission was in Texas with an army staff sergeant veteran named Brian Bair who was in dire need of some replacement gaming gear.

Bair, who suffers from major PTSD and has a TBI wrote to us explaining his story and we were taken aback by just how far this soldier would go for his family.

I came home with severe PTSD and TBI, I have debilitating headaches and had broken my back and shot twice. When I came home, I was broken. As cheesy as it sounds, my PS4 saved my life, I would come home and just delve into the worlds of these games and I truly was an actual working semi “treatment”. There are almost no NGO or orgs for vets. So, I decided I would invite a couple semi sane vets over. There are no words. I couldn’t believe how relaxed everyone got while playing. Well, a while back I had a seizure at work and lost my job, hung in for a while there but I have 3 small children and a wife, so I sold my console for food for my kids. I have ABSOLUTELY noticed a big change here. I need to get the therapy” we would use back into my home not just for me but for other vets needing to just hang around with other like-minded veterans. My two daughters, son, and wife all game, so it’s also a great thing for the whole family.

What Bair wrote to us boke our hearts. We couldn’t stand to see one of our brothers suffering like this, so we came together and with the help of our supporters, we shipped a crate out to him as fast as we could. We were glad to hear Bair’s response once he received his care package.

Got my crate today, sent the pics off already, I really appreciate it brother! Thank you so much.

You are more than welcome Staff Sargent Bair, we should be the ones thanking you for your years of service to our nation. Your sacrifice will not go unnoticed. We hope you enjoy your new PS4 and that it helps you and your friends like it did in the past.

This time the sponsor of the supply crate was Robot Giggles. We can’t thank you enough for the help that you give us in helping these veterans. It is truly lifechanging and lifesaving work and we thank you for being a hero.

If you’d like to make a donation that gets sent over to our troops as a Supply Crate, Stack-Up takes lightly used PS4, and Xbox One games and gear as well as cash donations. Please help us help these vets out here:

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