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Supply Crate – Brad

Brad was nominated for a Supply Crate by a friend who wanted to give him something for being there for him throughout their years of friendship.

I’m referring my best friend from the army and former squad leader for a game system.
9/11 happened and he joined like next day he went to Afghanistan early war when they were using Kevlar blankets on the floors and rolling open top LMTVs and soft shell Humvees and then he did sadr city in 2006 and then my tour to kirkuk in 2007 during the surge for 15 months. Since getting out he’s been there for me, told me when I was wrong or right and never been afraid to put his two cents in and it’s helped me be a better person, in the army and outside of it. He has become my youngest sons godfather and during the pregnancy it was tough on my wife and he’d drive from Alabama (he ended career as drill sgt at fort Benning and stayed in Alabama when he got out and retired) to Florida so I could be at the hospital and he’d watch my kids and came to watch my other two while the birth of my third was happening so I could cut the chord. When he was here he was playing on my pc and playing call of duty modern warfare 2 and was loving it he even got my oldest critiquing the way I clear corners. He doesn’t have anyone where he lives in Alabama just him and his dog love. He started his own business recently as well and I know video game system would help him and help us to be able to bond with other brothers with cross play

Brad sounds like a really stand-up guy and the kind of Veteran we love to see out there just doing his thing and being there for his battle buddies. After reading this nomination, we knew we had to ensure he received a gaming care package.

I really appreciate this, words cannot express what i feel right now. I look forward to reconnecting with Army brothers from all over the US in some Call of Duty! Thank you again!

Enjoy, Brad! Get plenty of rounds in. You deserve 'em.

The_Fickleficus sponsored Brad's Supply Crate, thanks to raising $1k with his community. We thank them both for volunteering time and generosity. Check out The_Fickleficus on Twitch.

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