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Supply Crate – Bailey

Hello everyone and welcome to another awesome Supply Crate mission report. We would like to introduce all of you to Chief Warrant Officer Bailey who is serving in Afghanistan. Bailey sent us a request looking for ways to spend some downtime with his fellow troopers. Here is a little of what he told us:

We are an attack helicopter troop currently deployed to Afghanistan. We have troopers on duty 24 hours a day, sometimes with a little bit of downtime to relax. We enjoy the camaraderie of playing games with and against each other and having a PlayStation would be a huge boost to morale. Many of our guys are on their first deployment so having a little bit of something to remind them of home would go a long way.

We remember our first deployments. We also remember how important it was for us to have access to games for recreation. We’d love to help you out, stand by for a Supply Crate drop.

Thank you so much, we can’t thank Stack Up enough, the package blew all our minds when we opened it! We are chomping at the teeth to get the gear all set up, thanks again!

We are ready to go far and beyond expectations for awesome soldiers like you Bailey. We hope that our package serves as a peaceful and calming tool on your deployments. Keep up the great work and thank you for your service brother.

This crate was sponsored by Matoro, thanks for your donations! You have help these soldiers so much and we seriously couldn’t do things for them without people like you. Please keep up the patriotic work!

If you would like to help our soldiers, then please tell us about someone special that could use one of our awesome Supply Crates.

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