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Supply Crate – Annapolis Vet Center

It's May! That means it's Call to Arms all month long. This is the month many of our fundraisers will be earning their Supply Crate sponsorships. If you're following our socials, be sure to retweet and share those fundraisers if you can. Let's give everyone a boost together.

Today's Supply Crate update comes from the Annapolis Vet Center in Maryland. Requestor Joe who works there, told us the following:

We offer free, confidential counseling to eligible service members, Veterans and their families and have around 350 active clients. This would provide many therapeutic opportunities for individuals, groups, and families.

We're glad those within the medical community are beginning to see the benefits of gaming for mental health. Getting contacts like these are exciting for us because it helps to know that others are seeing the validity of our mission. So we thank Joe for reaching out.

First, I would like to thank you and Stack UP for donating the gaming console (XBOX) to the Annapolis Vet Center. Video games are interactive and are great for assisting with trauma and depression and addressing isolation. It also helps communicate and build trust, rapport, critical thinking, patience, and insight into our veterans, service members, and family members' environments and behaviors.
The Annapolis Vet Center looks forward to integrating the video gaming system into our innovative practice in our newly renovated center and sending pictures upon completion in February 2022 and purchasing video games developed for specific behavioral health issues and promoting mental well-being.
We want you to know how much your organization is appreciated on behalf of the Annapolis Vet Center. Donations like yours allow Vet Centers to go above and beyond traditional services, and this ability is the cornerstone of our program.

Thank you to Joe for sending us a reply. If we get any more pictures from the Annapolis Vet Center, we'll update this post with them. If you're out in the Annapolis area and are ever using the console as part of their services, we'll be happy to know about it.

FabTV, who sponsored our recent Air Assault trip at PAX East, also sponsored this Supply Crate. We're glad for everything he's done for our community and the Veterans we've served. Check him out on Facebook Gaming.

Want to earn a Supply Crate sponsorship of your own? Start a DonorDrive fundraiser today! Every little bit contributes to expanding our mission.

Learn how you can become a part of our mission in other ways by hitting the button below and navigating to our How to Help page.

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