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Supply Crate – Andrew

Welcome everyone to another Supply Crate report. This time we surprised a group of AMMO troops with an awesome crate in response to the request that an officer named Andrew sent in to us. Here is what he had to say:

We are a group of hard working AMMO troops. Our mission is to put warheads on foreheads. When we work, it can be for hours on end without a break; we work hard and play hard. The amount of down time we have depends directly on the mission, while many of us are going to school on our downtime we would like a way to relax in that downtime also. If selected, said assets would remain in place for the group of individuals who would be tasked to replace our unit.

Much to Andrew’s surprise, we had the perfect rate all packed up and ready for him and his platoon. We know playing games is a perfect way to spend some downtime, so we sent the Supply Crate to send out to you boys in hopes that this care package could change your life.

A big shout out to Chris, and thank you Stack Up for your support of the military especially during these trying times. This was a surprise for the shop, most of the guys did not know that we had been submitted for the crate. The Nintendo Switch, extra joy cons and the multitude of games that was received were a blessing in disguise. Especially right before Christmas; being away from family and friends during the holidays can be difficult. Knowing that there are people who still care for the military like you do is humbling, it seems to many that throughout this decades long war we; and as military it feels as if we are being forgot. During slow times this will allow us to wind down and release some stress during our long shifts. When we are working all day we know that there is something back at the shop that everyone will be able to get a use out of when there is not much going on. We play the hurry-up and wait game an awful lot. Some of us are taking classes others like to read, we also watch movies and TV shows. This change in entertainment is going to allow many of the younger generation of Air Force to cope with the stresses of deployment. Once again, thank you to Chris for his generosity to the men and women of the United States Air Force.

We are glad to hear that everything was received and that you and your platoon are enjoying the different games we sent you. just promise us that you won’t neglect your school work, education comes first! Take care Andrew and enjoy your gift.

This crate was sponsored by Chris Puckett, thank you so much for changing the lives of these men. We couldn’t do this without your help, you are a true hero!

If you would like to nominate a veteran or active service member to receive a crate, then please click the link below and fill out an application.

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