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Supply Crate – Amanda

This Supply Crate went out to a Veteran who has been having a tough couple of years, and despite it all, she keeps going. She was nominated by her friend Michelle, who wanted to get her something nice:

This past few years have been rough for Amanda. She lost her best friend and fellow veteran in Nov 2020. Then, 2 months later, her husband left her & her 2 children after 7 years of marriage. 2 months later, Their house had a really bad fire where they lost all of their belongings and everything they owned. She finally started building back, only to have over $50K taken by the contractor and he never returned to finish the repairs. She has been one of the most resilient women I’ve ever known & has bounced back each time life locks her down. She volunteers with several veteran organizations where she gives back to other veterans in need as well as quadriplegic and paraplegic individuals taking them surfing with a different organization. She truly deserves something good in her life for a change! I put my email address instead of hers if that’s ok. Thank you.

Amanda sounds like quite the trooper. We hope this game console can bring her some comfort and joy and serve as a reminder that there's still something good in the world even when times are not great, and people are just as hard to deal with.

Thank you guys so much!!!!

Thank you, Amanda, and thank you to Michelle for nominating her. Keep putting good into the world even when it isn't giving you back. We hope Amanda sees better sunrises.

TheVocalButcher sponsored Amanda's Supply Crate. TheVocalButcher has sponsored a couple of Supply Crates previously. He's a Bard-barian metalhead, and if you're looking for streamers more like him, check out his Twitch channel.

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