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Supply Crate – Amanda

Welcome to our next series of Supply Crate updates. Today's update is certainly far more official-sounding than we've received before. Read it here:

In November 2021, Amanda and her USMC Reserve unit left home for a stateside deployment to assist with the process of receiving and placing Afghan refugees following our withdrawal from that theater. Taking a job that few wanted, Amanda's unit excelled at executing the mission as well as making the Afghan's feel welcome. After completing the stateside mission faster than anticipated, Amanda's unit was then given the opportunity to continue serving abroad assisting other units in the same mission. In the late winter of 2022, Amanda boarded a plane bound for the Balkans where she currently leads by example and carries out her duties honorably. I am a former StackUp Air Assault recipient and one of Amanda's friends. When she left in November, our little band of active duty Marines, Army vets, and patriotic civilian gamers were bummed that she wouldn't be able to login to our Xbox parties for the unforeseeable future. I shared StackUp's Supply Crate mission with Amanda and recommended that she look into, but they've been too busy processing refugees to do much else besides enjoy a few games of Monopoly and views of the surrounding mountains. I hereby nominate USMC Sergeant [redacted] and her team of fine Americans for consideration to receive a StackUp Supply Crate in recognition of the fine job they continue to perform honorably. It is my hope they receive their approval and supply hastily. Thank you for your continued support of our armed forces, and thank you for your consideration of this outstanding Marine.

It's getting really great to see former beneficiaries of our programs reach out to benefit other people. If you've ever received a Supply Crate or anything else from us, don't hesitate to reach out to nominate someone you know who is Active Duty or a Veteran to nominate them for any of our programs.

Good Afternoon!
I received the supply crate with gaming equipment! The few female Marines in my unit plan to share the system to catch up on our online lives!!
Thank you so much for the support!

We hope Amanda and her unit enjoy their console.

Today's update was sponsored by SadieJay101. You can find her on Twitch.

Why do we include the button below on every Supply Crate? To get folks to make more Supply Crates happen by fundraising!

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