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Supply Crate – Allison

Today's Supply Crate update comes from gaming care package recipient Allison, whose friend told us all about her and her struggles. Despite it all, she continues to carry on and very much deserves something for all of her efforts.

Allison served from 2004-2012 in the Army/Army National Guard. She was a 46Q. That's a military journalist, she was PAO. She was published the most in the Grizzly Magazine. The Guard magazine for California. During her Guard experience she used her military skills to get a union security guard job at 20th century FOX. in 2008 everything changed, Allison got injured. This being her second it took a toll. She ended up on state disability and later SSDI. Her first injury landed her an LOD. Unable to work, she survived on state disability and 254$ a month drill pay. Allison was faced with trying to pay rent and survive in west LA and deal with various medical issues. During this time for medical reasons she lost her job and couldn't work, lost her home and only had her 254$ a month drill money to live on. state disability only lasts one year. Most people would give up, but Allison lived in her car attended community college for free and studied camera. She did her best to pick odd jobs, she had a regular hustle attending art festivals and selling/promoting her art. Her art is mixed media and photography. she did what she could to add to boost her income. She eventually graduated from the community college on the dean's list , she ended living in the car for two years. she merged her art skills and camera skills , military journalist skills. she started her own indie freelance camera/film maker. She did this for awhile, photographing fashion shows, award shows, film festivals etc. She also got involved in adaptive sports. things went smooth for awhile. Then COVID-19 happened. It all fell down. Again she lost her freelance business and her home. The first time she was homeless for 2 years. this time it was only two months. she ended up living with her elderly parents. I'm worried this time she's having a harder time to bounce back. She has been depressed, and her usual fighter nature and bubbly personality hasn't come back. She didn't qualify for any covid money because she was a freelancer. She lives on SSDI and VA Benefits. She recently joined a adaptive hockey team. I noticed that gaming helped raise her spirits. I know she has PTSD and chronic pain. She seems to find joy in gaming, she even joined the wounded warrior project gaming community, she participated in a veteran tournament, and cohort for game testing. Her PC died and that created some issues. she lives on a fixed income. That's why I am asking for a console and games. That way a PC/Mac functioning won't matter. I hope you help me my friend. She says alot these days no one cares, and I'm hoping I can show her people do. She goes by her middle name outside military records which uses Allison. I'm going to direct her here. your other programs. I think you could help her.

Allison has been put through the ringer post-service. While we can never make up for everything she's gone through, we can offer up some comfort through gaming.

How will I be impacted? I suffer from PTSD.. one of the best ways for me to stay sane is gaming. Getting involved in gaming and the gaming community has given the ability to begin to reach out and not isolate and cope with my anxiety. I'm super grateful and in complete awe. I didn't expect all that. The crate came early. It arrived Saturday.
Thank you....

Thank you, Allison. We hope if you are ever in the Van Nuys area in California that, you come and visit our Phalanx House!

WintersWolfcry sponsored Allison's Supply Crate through the fantastic support of his community. We thank them for their longtime support, and if you're looking for a great community, check out WintersWolfcry's Twitch channel.

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