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Supply Crate – Allan

Welcome to your Monday Supply Crate update. Here, you can read about one of our previous Supply Crate recipients and get their story. If what you read reminds you of a Veteran or Active Duty service member and their unit, nominate them for a Supply Crate.

Today, we bring you recipient Allan, a Marine Veteran. Allan was struggling to get a console for himself and his step-daughter to enjoy, so he sent in the following request:

My name is Allan. I served one tour of duty in Iraq in 2005. I am originally from Oklahoma, and when I was discharged I moved back to Oklahoma in 2010. I got married in 2008 and was separated in 2016. In 2015, my ex-wife and I tried for a child but she end up having an eptopic pregnancy and we lost the fetus. We had been trying for about 5 years. After we separated in 2016, I met a wonderful woman in 2017. This woman already had 1 child who was 6 years old at the time. They decided to move in with me and we really became a family. Well in November of 2019 we had a little surprise happen, and that was my daughter who is now 1 was born. My Step-Daughter who is now 9 years old is always asking me if we can get a game console for our house since she likes to play at her Uncle's house when she stays with him. I am an armed security officer by trade and we don't really make a whole lot of money as it is, and as my crap luck would have it both of our vehicles went down and we are now spending tax money on trying to get 2 vehicles so we can't afford to get a game console as well. My 9 year old would be so excited, and to tell the truth I would be as well. Thank you.

Thank you, Allan, for thinking of us in your hour of need. We, of course, had to make sure his kid could enjoy some gaming, and hopefully, Allan can use it during his time off as well.

Here is the picture. Made my 10 year old very happy! Thanks again!

Sounds like someone had a birthday while waiting for a Supply Crate. We hope she and Allan have fun with it!

Dragoness_ sponsored this Supply Crate through their fundraising efforts. Thank you, Dragoness_ and thank your community for answering the Call to Arms.

Interested in fundraising? Sign up for a DonorDrive page here. Want to try other ways to help Stack Up meet our mission of preventing Veteran & Active Duty Military suicide through gaming? Navigate to our How to Help page by clicking the big red button below.

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