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Supply Crate – Alejandro

Another day, another supply crate safely delivered to another veteran in need. We shipped out this crate to Alex, a mental health technician who created a program that uses gaming to help veterans with mental health problems. We couldn’t help but to aid an ally in need against such a noble cause. Let’s learn a little more about Alex:

I am a combat marine corps veteran. Did served deployments with 3rd light armored reconnaissance in Iraq and Afghanistan. I currently work with LA County as a mental health clinician where I work with other veterans, regardless of their discharge status. I have reached out to Stephen who is willing to support our mission. I am hoping that you guys can donate a couple of care packages to our recreational therapy program. I believe that this will be helpful with mental health and the every day to day issues veterans face.

Take it straight from the boss man’s mouth. We will not stand idle while there are veterans that are in need of our aid. Help is on the way, so stand by Marine we’ll ship out a crate as fast as we can!

Once Alex received his crate, he wrote us back with emphatic approval

You guys are amazing!!! Thank you so much for the support it is much appreciated! 

No problem Marine, it is our honor and pleasure to do what we can to thank you for your service. Now, go and play some games, that’s an order!

Our supply crate program has helped us reach hundreds of veterans in need around the world, but we wouldn’t be able to do it without your help. If you or someone you know is a struggling veteran that could benefit from our gaming packages, let us know by clicking on the banner below.

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