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Supply Crate – Adam

We hope you all have a great weekend. Especially if you're reading this Supply Crate update. Reading about one of our latest Veterans and Military personnel who benefitted from the crates program is a great way to start your weekend.

Today's update comes from Adam, a combat Veteran looking to connect with other Veterans through gaming. Perfect for a Supply Crate, yes?

I’m a combat veteran with two tours and My biggest struggle has been connecting with people. My doctor suggested trying online gaming to connect with other veterans. I know plenty that play, I just don’t have what’s needed. I’ve worked very hard to get myself better. When I got my chickens that was a big deal to help with my recovery. I love my chickens by the way! I’m always looking for other ways to continue to better myself. This could be just another thing to keep me on that path. Plus when we did have a console, the kids and I loved playing together. Thank you for your consideration

Taking care of animals is a therapy in and of itself. If we can send in something a little more to add to that comfort through video games, we'll do it every chance we get.

Once again, thank you so much

We hope your chickens are well, Adam. Maybe they can play some games too. We'd like to see it.

Adam's Supply Crate was sponsored by Voosh, whom you can find here. Thanks, Voosh, for answering the Call to Arms so we can continue to get more games consoles and games out to deserving Veterans like Adam.

Think you have the guts to help Stack Up meet our mission? Hit that red button below and begin your Stack Up journey through our many volunteer opportunities. Game on, and have a great weekend, everyone.

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