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Supply Crate – Full Sail University Veteran's Student Union

April flew by pretty fast! Stack Up has a major month of awesome coming with our Memorial Day Call to Arms push coming up. With that said, let's get into today's Supply Crate update.

Today's update comes from the Development Coordinator for the Veteran's Student Union of Full Sail University. As Veterans, sometimes the adjustment to student life is an abrupt change from Military life, and it can get stressful. As we were told in the request from Aaron, U.S Army SGT (Retired):

Currently I am the acting Development Coordinator for the Veteran’s Student Union based out of Full Sail University. We service many Service Members and Veterans from all branches and have lots of amazing people among our ranks some of them with Combat injuries and other without. The one thing that I personally have seen that helps these amazing people is the great distraction that Video Games provide. Personally I feel that Video Games provide SM and Veterans with the ability I like to call D.A.D ( Distract Assess Direct) when we are emotionally grounded we can assess what was the cause of such emotions and then we can work on a direct approach to a solution. My goal is to try to get support for what I like to call our( Player 2) program the idea is I would like to work on all Military members coming through our doors to know they are never alone and have someone to always be their (Player 2) having some kind of Video Game support of some kind in our community space for the member would help them connect in person and just be able to be distracted for a bit. I fully understand personally how good video games can be in dark times.. After getting Medically Retired from the Army in 2012 from my combat injuries I was so lost and needed some distraction. It was Video Games that help bring this needed distraction and by me time to direct myself to some hope.. I appreciate🙏you taking the time to read this message and for all the amazing things your organization has done and is doing. Much thanks Aaron Olivas U.S Army SGT (Retired) VSU Development Coordinator

This is a pretty good display.

Like Aaron, many of our staff know how gaming helped us through the hardest times of our lives. Both in service and after. We knew we had to spread the power of gaming through something good. So, of course, we continue to do that by sending crates out to Active Duty Military units, Veterans, and other Veteran Service groups such as Veteran's Student Unions in our efforts.

We sent this crate out in November of last year. We're thankful it reached them by the holiday.

What a blessing so we received the great Supply Crate today and what better timing than today the day before Thanksgiving. Many of our other Veterans who could not be here for pictures do to classes and many have left for the break but will be so amazed to see this great blessing upon their return. This gift will be such a big impact and has already impacted many Veterans and Service Members. It will be used to help many of the hundreds of Veterans and Service Members that are on campus struggling with PTSD and other Mental Health issues. We all here at the Full Sail University VSU (Veterans Student Union) thank you for your gift and blessing of hope.

Hopefully, everyone enjoys plenty of gaming over there at the Full Sail Veterans Student Union. If you happen to be attending FSU in Florida, be sure to drop by there and play some games.

The awesome WintersWolfcry sponsored this Supply Crate. We think you should check him out.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, our Memorial Day Call to Arms fundraising push starts May 1st! Be part of the surge of fundraisers by signing up and telling people to donate today. Our Influencer Relations Team is ready to help you at any time.

Want to help us in other ways? We have more than enough volunteer opportunities. Learn how to support us by hitting the button below.

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