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Supply Crate – Aaron

Last week we held our Call to Arms LIVE event. If you missed it, check out our socials for a recap. November is a big month for us at Stack Up as we raise funds for Veterans Day and after. We're pushing for our goal, and we hope you'll join us in making that push so that we can continue to support Active Duty Military members such as Aaron.

Read his request:

I have been serving for more than 18 years and every chance I get, I try and support my unit and my soldiers 100%. Whatever i receive, it will be used to entertain, inspire, support and even raise money for my soldiers, my unit and even my own nonprofit, which is dedicated to supporting military. My nonprofit is called Shred The Stress, so feel free to check it out.

Helping a service member who is also helping others? Definitely, something we have to support! We sent Aaron a crate, and he posted all about it:

Fantastic stuff! We're glad we could support Aaron.

JaxRomero, as you can see from Aaron's post, sponsored his Supply Crate. She's a member of our Stream Team, so you can watch her on the Stack Up Twitch or on her own channel.

Want to get in on the action and help us get to our goal of $600k funds raised? Hit the button below. The Call to Arms doesn't end until December 31st!

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