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super mutant alien assault gets a release date

Earth is doomed. Humans messed it up, and they mess it up bad. Pollution, the Kardashians, Smartphones, the brown sugar challenge, and every  single conflict has destroyed the world to the point of extinction. The last humans have taken off in a fleet of ships, but vicious aliens have taken advantage of this vulnerable moment. As a security bot, it is up to you to maintain safety upon each ship, attacking the vicious invaders through a dance of high-powered weapons, tons of alien blood, and dubstep.

Super Mutant Alien Assault is the latest game from Cybernate studios and Surprise Attack Games dot come. The game is described as the “Citzen Kane of Super Crate Box” clones, which was an independent shoot-em’ up game developed by Vlambeer, a separate studio responsible for games such as Serious Sam, Luftrausers, and Nuclear Throne. Super Mutant Alien Assault tasks you with taking on the alien horde as a security bot, armed with a wide variety of weapons. The aliens are vicious and will stop at nothing to defeat the last humans. Super Mutant Alien Assault landed on Steam Early Access, and has been  met with a “Positive” acclaim according to the overall reviews on Steam.

PlayStation 4 ,Xbox One, and PC gamers will see this game release next Tuesday, July 12th.

Take a look @supattackgames on twitter or @chris_suffern the designer of the game and follow along for more information on Super Mutant Alien Assault.

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