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Super Mario Odyssey Preview

It wouldn’t be a Nintendo platform without its killer Mario game, and the Nintendo Switch is about to get that treatment with the upcoming Super Mario Odyssey. Everyone knew we’d get a closer look at the platforming legend’s latest romp, but that didn’t halt any of the excitement – Super Mario Odyssey looks like a bizarre, fun treat from top to bottom.

It appears that Bowser’s looking to make things official with Princess Peach, opting to beat Mario to the punch and put a ring on it. Some weird looking rabbits seem to be planning the whole shindig, and appear to be the main antagonists along with King Koopa himself. Whatever the case may be, Mario teams up with a spirit that takes over his hat, giving the hat supernatural properties. With it, Mario can fling the hat on anybody and take control of that object, enemy, or even a normal human being. It’s this creative aspect that really speaks to Super Mario Odyssey’s strengths, and looks like it could shake up the platforming genre, as Mario has been known to do.

Even in the brief glimpses we’ve seen from E3, we can tell this game will be filled with charm. Little touches like Pauline (the woman you rescue in the original, arcade Donkey Kong) being mayor and all of Mario’s costumes being references to decades-old Mario titles help hammer that point home. Super Mario Odyssey looks to be to the Mario series what Breath of the Wild was to The Legend of Zelda, which is no small feat.

Super Mario Odyssey is oozing with that weird brand of Nintendo humor that’s still going strong, but that’s not all it has going for it. The platforming looks like a smooth throwback to what we loved about Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine back in the day – exploration. The game’s massive world will have you “cap-turing” anything and everything, far and wide. It’s been quite a few years since a Mario game has delivered on that promise of exploration and whimsy, so we’re eager to start exploring New Donk City and beyond on October 29th.

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