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Subdivision DX – Releasing August 8th

Space may be the final frontier but its made to be played. Blowfish Studios and Mistfly studios announced that their upcoming space shooter Subdivision Infinity DX is heading to consoles and PC in August. This ambition space shooter, featuring sharp graphics and gameplay for all types of players. Having seen this game in action at this year’s PAX EAST, this announcement comes with a dose of excitement as the spaceship shooter genre has been left dry in this generation of gaming, and could certainly use a boost

Subdivision Infinity DX is a space combat game, where players will hop into their starfighter of choice, and live out their Star Wars fantasies in large-scale intergalactic combat. Across 40 primary missions, players will be on the front lines of an interstellar war fighting a large assortment of enemies, from interceptor- class fighter to mammoth dreadnoughts and capital ships. Players will be able to select from a variety of spacecraft, each with their own unique attributes and skills.

The player may customize and upgrade their vessels with an arsenal of weapons and abilities, then take off into the unknown gulfs of space. The gameplay is inspired by classic space- focused video games, from the ’80s and ’90s, including some inspiration from today’s games, such as Everspace. Inspirations include Galaga, Mass Effect, Lifeforce,  and various other space combat games. With lasers blazing across the cosmos and various places to visit, Subdivision Infinity DX looks to provide a nearly infinite amount of opportunities for players.

The team making Subdivision Infinity DX, Mistafly, is based out of Russia. Blowfish, based in Australia, has been working incredibly hard to bring Subdivision Infinity DX to consoles and PC this summer. “Whether you prefer to min-max your ship, take down epic enemies or just explore the celestial beauty all around you while wreaking havoc among it, Subdivision Infinity DX has something for everyone,” said Ben Lee, founder, Blowfish Studios. “This breathtaking space shooter looks and feels amazing and we’re honored to bring Mistfly’s vision to as many people as possible.

Subdivision Infinity DX launches August 8th for $14.99 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam

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