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strafe gets a release date

Devolver Digital, a major publisher for strong independent games, joined indie developer Pixel Titans in proudly announcing the release date for its incredibly ambitious FPS, Strafe. Strafe, a shooter that embraces early 1990’s computer nostalgia and action, will be arriving on March 28th to PC, with console platforms to follow so after.


Strafe began its life as a Kickstarter FPS, embracing the earliest days of the first-person shooter on PC’s, most particularly Wolfenstein 3-D, the original Doom, Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, and so on. Strafe gained a strong social following deep in the webs of social media, most particularly on Tumblr. Some time later, they released an incredibly nostalgic retro commercial, straight from the vivid culture of 1996 America, a time when the shooter was coming of age and going into fascinating directions.

Strafe puts players in a pixelated, 3D world, where the objective is to eliminate every enemy that stands before you while navigating a derelict spaceship in Earth orbit. Mutants, turrets and other threats await you on the decks of this ship. With its interconnecting web of walkways and rooms, you will never know what is around the corner. You will die quite often, but Strafe is procedurally generated, meaning every experience is different. Expect non-stop action, lots of blood, gibbing enemies, and a great experience in what is arguably, the best shooter of 1996 in 2017!

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