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Star Trek Online launches Mirror of Destiny

It’s time to boldly go where no man or woman has gone before as Star Trek Online officially announces the newest expansion to its wildly successful MMO, Mirror Of Destiny. Coming off of the highly successful Victory is Life Expansion, the MMO is exploring brand-new territory with the release of the Mirror of Discovery expansion. The expansion originally launched in January of PC players, and now has officially gone live for Sony PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One players.

The Mirror Of Discovery expansion, along with the release of the Age of Discovery expansion, marks the first time the long-running MMO has tied into the lore of a new Star Trek TV show. Where Victory is Life had players connect to characters from Star Trek Deep Space 9, the Mirror of Discovery ties directly into Star Trek: Discovery, the new Star Trek series currently streaming on CBS All-Access.

Last fall, the Age Of Discovery expansion introduced played to the year 2256, and a new chapter in the Star Trek universe, in which The Federation finds itself caught in the height of The Klingon War, where The Klingon wish to oust The Federation from the Alpha Quadrant. This gave players the chance to embark on various new quests and missions, including open naval combat with Klingon Warbirds and defending Starbase 1 from a vicious Klingon ambush.

The Mirror Of Discovery expansion introduces players to a new and fearsome captain of the Terran Empire, Captain Killy. voiced by Mary Wiseman from the Star Trek: Discovery show. While Captain Killy was never seen on-screen on the show, the Captain and her fearsome combat record were hinted at during season one. Now, she appears and is ready to take the fight to the stars. As the leader of the I.S.S Discovery, she will be commencing aggressive missions to directly engage The Klingon. Players can expect new missions, new planets to explore, and new rewards.

Star Trek Online is a wide-reaching free-to-play MMO for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 4 players, where players can build their character, choose their crew, customize their ship, and embark across the entire Star Trek universe. players can visit over 100 locations and embark on nearly endless amounts of missions and quests. Interacting with many familiar faces from the Star Trek universe, players will be able to reap various awards for their ship and crew, as well as encounter deadly enemies and villains from The Borg to The Romulans. The MMO originally launched in 2010 and is currently celebrating its 9th birthday.

Star Trek Online is available for free to download on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Mirror of Discovery expansion is now available for download.

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