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stacking up with six foot

Long car rides can be brutal; especially when said car ride hits the twenty-hour mark.

Allot can be said for getting out of the car after such a ride and immediately walking into a game studio for the first time though. More so when it happens to be Six Foot Studios and you are welcomed with open arms like they did for the Raleigh Stack.

Tim Slager, community specialist at Six Foot, was our personal tour guide for this and the first thing he did after asking about the drive and after our well-being, was to take us to raid the break rooms within the studio.

After this, the CEO of Six Foot Studios, Matt Ballesteros, took time out of his day to meet with us. In between talking about his passion for all things World War Two related (there is honestly nothing that compares to hearing someone talk about something they are so very passionate about), he brainstormed ways he could help Stack-Up as a whole, made sure our team was not lacking for anything food or drink related, and just generally treated us like family.


As we walked through the studio, we met a lot of people, more than I can count or remember if I’m being honest, but what I will remember is the way they all treated us. Each and every person we met acted as if we were friends that they had not seen in a very long while. Everyone had kind and/or supportive words for our cause and the customer service support team even helped one of our Raleigh stack members with an issue he was having with his account. We even managed to walk away with some very cool swag for our air assaults

So personal shout-out and thank you to everyone we met at Six Foot Studios!!

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