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Stack Up With These 10 Video Game Moms

Hello everyone, we hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day yesterday. Mothers are truly very special and deserve all the love for supporting us and loving us unconditionally. Today we thought it would be fun to recognize some of the best video game moms. Hope you all enjoy the list.

10. Ana Amari (Overwatch)

Coming in at #10 on our list is none other than Ana Amari, the precise and deadly sniper support from Overwatch. Being one of the founding members of the Overwatch organization, Ana is far from just a tea sipping gran gran. This prideful mother of Pharah was an excellent role model for her daughter, until her accident with Widowmaker that is. The reason Ana will not make it higher than #10 on this list is because of the fact that she let her daughter believe she was dead for years. It is well known that Ana got into a sniping duel with Talon’s Widowmaker and during the scuffle Ana was critically wounded. Waking up in Poland with amnesia, Ana slowly recovered and regained her memories, but she still decided against reaching out to her daughter. We respect that Ana could have been making this decision to protect Pharah, but the fact remains that she left Pharah on her own for many years.

9. Brigid Tenenbaum (Bioshock)

At #9, we have Brigid Tenenbaum from the Bioshock series. It takes a lot to love a child that isn’t yours, and its even harder when those children harvest ADAM from dead bodies. Tenenbaum, while not technically a mom, is on this list because she is able to look past the illness affecting the little sisters and dedicates her efforts to finding ways to cure them and save them. She never gives up on trying to help the sad little sisters and in the second game of the series, she actually comes back to the hell called Rapture to try and save the rest of the little sisters that were left behind. We thought that Tenenbaum deserved recognition for her bravery and dedication to these little mutant girls because without her, they would all be killed, harvested by both Jack and Subject Delta.

8. Cooking Mama (Cooking Mama)

Coming in at #8 on our video game moms list is Cooking Mama. While many of us have many memories of spending time in the kitchen with our real moms, We also have memories of Cooking Mama teaching us how to properly prepare the most delicate of dishes. Cooking mama has taught us so many recipes and helped us hone our culinary skills. She would be ranked higher if it weren’t for her fiery temper if you screw up her recipes. We owe that anger up to wanting to make sure we learn how to make these meals the right way. Thank you Cooking Mama for everything you have taught us.

7. Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy)

Far away in the Comet Observatory we find #7 on the list, Rosalina. Queen of the cosmos, and adopted mother of the Lumas, this video game mom deserves this spot on the list. After accepting the loss of her own mother, Rosalina remained calm and deeply caring to her adopted star children oh and did we mention, she is immortal? She will remain the adopted mother of the Lumas for all eternity, now that’s motherly dedication. During Super Mario Galaxy, she lent Mario the power of the First Luma to help guide him in his quest to restore the observatory’s grand and power stars. Keep up the great work up there Rosalina.

6. Samantha (Street Fighter)

If you are an adamant Blanca main in Street fighter, then you already know why #6 has to be Samantha from Street Fighter. If you don’t know the story, when Blanca was young, he was in a plane crash which resulted in him being exposed to electric eels. This triggered a mutation and turned him into the fearsome street fighter he is today. That crash separated Blanca from his mother Samantha; however, if you beat the game using Blanca, an extremely touching scene plays where Samantha stands up in the crowd and claims Blanca as her long lost son. We were so touched by this and how love over came appearances as Samantha has no hesitation running to embrace her son.

5. Nora (Fallout 4)

#5 on our list is Nora from Fallout 4. Hopefully you chose to make Nora your playable character, otherwise her spot on this list would be short-lived. If you did choose to play as Nora, then you can respect this total badass of a woman! Fueled by the will to find her son that was stolen from her, this woman scoured the Boston, Massachusetts metro area leaving no mutant alive. We believe that Nora deserves this spot because of how much she has to go through, just so she can be with her sweet Shaun again. A mother’s love is a strong thing… Deathclaws beware!

4. The Boss (Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater)

We don’t think we could avoid having The Boss any lower than #4 on this list. Mother figure to the most bad ass mercenary in video game history, The Boss makes an astounding landing on this list by making the ultimate sacrifice for her former disciple. This video game mom was part of the best surprises and reveals in video game history. When The Boss passes the microfilm to snake, and the amount of respect that we see on Snake’s face when he finishes her off will forever be seared into our memories. RIP Mother of Special Forces.

3. Clementine (The Walking Dead)

If you thought it was hard being a mother in today’s world, try thinking about being an adopted mother during a zombie apocalypse like #3 on our video game moms list, Clementine. After Rebecca bleeds to death in ‘Amid the Ruins’ of season two, baby A.J. is left with no mother and no father. Clementine decides to take care of A.J. despite only being a teenager. She starts building a relationship with A.J. and their story is told during flashbacks in season 3. Clementine gave A.J. the nickname goofball and she tries to be the best role model she can be for the young and impressionable kid. An admirable job well done, what an awesome video game mom.

2. Mom (Pokémon)

Generation after generation, these video game moms has been fully supportive, hospitable, and in Gold and Silver, a pretty damn good banker. #2 on our list is the mother to the player characters in Pokémon. We really couldn’t decide which generation had the best mom, so we decided to lump them together and honor them all. Moms in the Pokémon series are always concerned with your health, and offer to let you rest for free. They also always make sure that the player is on time for their meetings with the professor in order to start their journey. We honor all the Pokémon moms for their willingness to let their 10 year old children leave home and make many friends while they journey across the land. Thank you moms, you rock!

1. Your Mom (Real Life)

Let’s be honest, did you really think there could be any other mom who could take the #1 spot? This spot is reserved for that special woman who fought to bring you into this world. We love our moms and we are so grateful that they supported our love for video games, even if they didn’t really understand it. No one worked harder to make sure our we kept our grades high, and we ate all our vegetables. Our moms have supported us all our lives and we can’t be more thankful for all the sacrifices they made and the unconditional love they gave us. Thank you to all moms, caretakers, and adoptive mothers everywhere!

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