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Stack Up / GGP - Stacking Up for Coming Out Month

We at Stack Up support all Active Duty, Veterans, and Allied troops. With this in mind we are proud to announce our shirt campaign celebrating Coming Out Month this October. We have allied with the great people at Gay Gaming Professionals to promote an amazing T-Shirt with the proceeds to be split between both charities!

We also invite you to join us on Twitch live this Saturday October 3rd at 12 pm PST on the Stack Up Twitch Channel and the Gay Gaming Professional’s Discord for an afternoon of fun and games as we launch this awesome shirt and colaboration!

Who is Gay Gaming Professionals? (GGP)

Through live streaming media, social platforms, and community development, GGP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that engages community and industry by creating content and experiences where ideas can be shared and diverse voices heard. We promote and cultivate the professional LGBTQ+ community with results-based content and programs focused on education, expertise, employment, and entrepreneurship.

We also partner with the ESA Foundation to provide and sponsor four scholars dedicated to underrepresented minorities committed to academic excellence and community service in the LGBTQ+ community. These scholarships are awarded to nurture inclusivity and empower the students to pursue careers in the gaming and interactive media industries.

What does Coming Out mean?

Coming out is a journey and not a destination. The process of coming out allows an individual to live authentically and can strip away an inner fear of being “found out”. You then have the ability to find others in your community that are like you and who embrace and empower you to explore your identity. The journey may be terrifying, but liberation can overcome you as a weight has been lifted.

That’s where GGP comes inwe provide a safe and professional space for LGBTQ+ gaming professionals and media industry experts to explore and celebrate their identities; and in doing so, network and support others in the community on their own journeys.

The meaning of the shirt (words from Bailey, Shirt Designer)

-The idea behind "Come Out to Play" centers on the freedom that comes with expressing your true self and the act of finding your community.

-The rainbow camo was used to show the pride in coming out in the military and showing that one can still be proud of both their military and LGBTQ+ identities as they are not competing; but rather additive to what makes them special.

-Rex is facing forward because he is asking the viewer to "come out and play" which could be read in two waysRex being an ally asking his LGBTQ+ friend to come play, or Rex coming out himself.

-The controller was used to drive forward the idea of play (especially in gaming) and how so many people find communities of acceptance through gaming as a part of their coming out journey (like our Streamer, Alastair, is currently navigating).

Stay tuned as the shirt will be available starting this Saturday right here on the Stack Up Store!

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