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Squadron 51 – Invading Nintendo Switch this Summer

Squadron 51

It was the dawning of a new age when 1950 rolled around. World War II was officially over. World peace had been achieved. American families were about to get new technologies, such as integrated circuits, television, and atomic energy.

The way people lived would change for the better to create a bright new future. Everything was all set until the Earth stood still. Extraterrestrial invaders and their strange machines have begun invading the earth.

Only the seasoned, elite pilots of Squadron 51 stand a chance in fighting this strange, new enemy and protecting the citizen of Earth. From Brazilian-based Looomiarts comes Squadron 51, an exciting new arcade shooter coming to the Nintendo Switch this Summer. After garnering a variety of awards and critical acclaim in the Brazilian gaming scene, Squadron 51 is poised to be launched to Nintendo Switch owners around the world.

Squadron 51 is a shmup, or shoot-em-up, that embraces the old-fashioned retro feel of 1950’s science fiction. The trailer above clearly highlights the camp and dramatic visual imagery of the era, from the bold, over-dramatic fonts to the array of visual effects.

This includes the wonderfully detailed film grain apparent throughout the entire game. Players will take flight in a variety of aircraft, fighting the vicious alien hordes. A variety of spacecraft, form saucers to flying machines will do everything in their power to shoot you down.

The aliens will span the entire globe, from the ocean to the mountains and to the North poles in order to achieve victory. What other enemies lie within the ranks of the invaders remains to be seen. Loomiarts has stated that the game will also feature a solid story, told through cutscenes and dialogue amongst the pilots.

Squadron 51 is slated for release this summer on Nintendo Switch.

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