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Spintires: MudRunner – Coming To Console and PC At The End Of The Year

The truck is a common and important symbol of the hard-working American. Dependable, reliable, large, and able to tackle most terrain, the truck is a backbone in delivering the needs of the American People. The folks at Saber Interactive, the developers behind NBA PlayGrounds and Quake Champions, are taking their talents to a wilderness, where nature and trucks collide in Spintires: MudRunner, a driving and truck simulation experience.

Spintires has made a strong impact on the PC gaming community, and for the first time, it will be moving forward onto the PlayStation 4. Players will have access to 19 heavy-duty vehicles, designed for extreme off-road travel in the Siberian wilderness. From hills to the mountainside, to raw weather, players will be given objective to complete across these vast swaths of nature. The game is described as a simulation and will have players utilizing every physical asset of their vehicle to successfully conquer the terrain.

Spintires: MudRunner

While players will have access to heavy-duty cargo trucks, including military cargo vehicles, each vehicle has their own physical capability, including speed, weight, momentum, and overall movement. The cargo you carry will also factor in how well your truck responds to the wild, untamed elements.

Spintires also lives up to its name with an advanced physical and environmental graphics engine. Players will encounter raging rivers and extremely thick mud. The rain and mud react very intricately to each vehicle. It is likely that players will be stuck, and using a winch will be the key to getting unstuck in tough situations.  However, players are free to make their paths, as they will have a compass and a map. Players will be able to play cooperatively with up to three players as well.

Spintires: MudRunner will be making its way to consoles and platforms by the end of this year.

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