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sniper ghost warrior 3 gets a release date

City Interactive has revealed a release date and teaser trailer for the highly-anticipated third installment of the classic Sniper series, Sniper: Ghost Warrior. Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3, will be making its mark on January 27th, 2016.

Polish- based City Interactive has had its hand in a variety of games, such Enemy Front and Alien Rage. The game franchise where CI have made their mark on gaming with the SNIPER: Ghost Warrior trilogy. Using the Cry Engine for a solid presentation, Sniper Ghost Warrior is a game that primarily focuses on the role of military sniping. In the previous installments, players were put in the roles of an elite sniper in US special operations forces. Wearing your Gilly suit, your objective is to infiltrate, avoid detection, take your perch, and do what you do best: snipe your foes from afar. The previous games involved realistic infiltrations into war zones, jungles,and mountains, as well as carefully placing your shot. Players could lay traps, engage in CQC, dispatch enemies with a knife, and use precise sniping to take down targets. Notably, there is a slow-motion camera that captures your bullet, making its way through the air, moments before meeting its demise against your chosen target. The game has been met with a solid reception by fans and critics.

Sniper:Ghost Warrior 3 is changing its tactics this time around. Of course, war as we know it never changes, but the tools and weapons to which war is fought are constantly changing, getting better and deadlier with each passing year. Sniper Ghost Warrior will be an  open-world video game, as compared to the linear, structured paths of past games. Players will be using drones, new technologies, new weapons, and a variety of new tactics to successfully complete their mission.

Look for Sniper: Ghost Warrior III to release on next-gen consoles and PC on January 27th, 2016. Be sure to follow Sniper: Ghost Warrior and City Interactive on social media.

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