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showing los angeles what it means to stack up

It is a busy weekend for everyone here at Stack-Up with PAX South in full swing. The Los Angeles Stack has been busy as well showing LA just what it means to Stack-up! On Thursday night LA’s Stack Lead, Kat Quinn, organized a group of volunteers to help with the Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count.


Kat wrote in, “We participated in the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s yearly Homeless Count by walking through the neighborhoods and physically counting any homeless individuals within given census tracks. Our team completed a total of 3 separate census blocks, completing two and then going back and taking on a last one to help round out the night. The Stacks are about creating a community of veteran/military and civilian gamers who want to give back, and by participating in this event we have proven we are willing to exemplify the message of Stack-up here in LA.”

Upcoming Event

The LA Stack is a strong believer that hard work deserved equally hard play, so Saturday night the LA Stack will be heading down to Button Mash on Santa Monica. Frankly, Button Mash has been on the radar since hints of this fine joint spread through our newsfeed even before it opened. It’s freakin’ TIME. The guy who bought this place also bought out the restaurant that used to be there and hired the staff to create a delightful menu of American and Asian noms all provided by the geniuses at Starry Kitchen.

Bring cash since the pinball and arcade games are coin operated. Bring your game face too, because if you think I’m not going to be all about that Puzzle Fighter business you are WRONG.

  1. WHAT: Button Mash Adventure Time with the Los Angeles Stack

  2. WHERE: Button Mash; 1391 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026

  3. WHEN: Saturday, January 30th 7:00 PM PT ~ 10:00 PM PT

To get you ready to play hard, here are some of the scenes from Thursday night’s Homeless Count with more to come later next week.



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