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Shio – Action-Platformer Inspired by Super Meatboy, Leaps Its Way Onto Platforms


Sleep is still among the most mysterious aspects of human science, and among them are the aspects of dreams. Dreams happen for all of us, with some experiencing them more vividly than others. It’s a completely blank space where your mind plays out interpretations and images from your experiences in the real world.

There is always a meaning as to why they happen. Some say they can predict the future or present a clue as to where your life is and what needs to be done. Enter Shio from China-based Coconut Island Games.

Shio takes place in the world of ancient China, and players star as a masked man with no recollection of his memory. A strange girl continuously appears to him in his dreams and the unnamed protagonist is determined to find out who she is, as well as what this all means. A mysterious maze appears before the lone figure, built by unseen hands. For this unknown adventurer, his answers, and perhaps his destiny, lie both within and beyond the maze.

Shio is a challenging platformer that will require players to successfully navigate a series of lanterns strewn across the level. Each part of the maze is filled with deadly traps and crushing obstacles. Your wits, skills, and reflexes will be tested as players make their way through the stages.

As the game is compared to the brutal challenge of Super Meat boy, expect a similar level of challenge in Shio. There are no enemies to fight and no combat to partake in. Only your desire to complete the level and solve the mystery. Set against an atmospheric and wonderfully well-created world of ancient China, expect Shio to be an unforgettable adventure.

Shio is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

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