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Seraphim – Studio Ravenheart Brings their Eclectic Arcade Shooter To PlayStation 4 and Vita


When you are a God, you don’t get to make your own universe without making a few enemies along the way. The one-man game development team, Studio Ravenheart, is poised to invite players into a realm of Gods and cosmic beings, where the player an immortal guardian comprised of the universe itself.

But, even when you are comprised of existence itself, you will have enemies, and there will be evil forces attempting to destroy you. Good thing, you have the power to obliterate comets and smite galactic monstrosities. This is the world of Seraphim, coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Seraphim has players guarding their own universe against the evils of a space beyond our own. Studio Ravenheart’s focus is to bring back the exciting and engaging mechanics of classic arcade gameplay. Those classics are in reference to games, such as Robotron 2084, that, upon the game being over, always yielded the constant feeling of “one more game” from its players.

With many games shifting away from an arcade focus, the game mechanics that involve picking up and instantly playing a title are also being diminished. There are few keeping the dream alive and Studio Ravenheart is one of them.

As an interstellar being comprised of your own universe, you must defend all of your galactic inhabitants from certain doom. Players will be placed in the center and use their comic powers to shoot at incoming threats.

As a twin-stick shooter, players will be shooting in all directions, defeating gargantuan cosmic beats and smashing entire systems. With sharp arcade mechanics, players will have their wits and skills tested across 24 levels.

Accompanying this action is the game’s distinctive look, which is best described as Geometric Expressionism, which uses a variety of shapes in imaginative and clever ways. The visual style will be sure to have players locked onto their screens, and the chaos of the cosmos ensues.

With the game nearing completion, Seraphim is poised to bring players into an engaging universe where players will be encouraged to shoot for the heavens. Seraphim is releasing soon on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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