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san antonio stacks up with soldiers angels

Last weekend our Red Shirts in San Antonio gathered up for a day of helping. Partnering with the Soldiers’ Angels the San Antonio Stack helped organize and deliver groceries to veteran families in need throughout their community. Benjamin Cloutier Co-Stack Lead took the time to write up a report on the day’s action…


San Antonio Stack became Community Partners with Soldiers’ Angels back in September, and the first event as Partners was this past Friday. Every month, Soldiers’ Angels hosts a mobile food pantry distribution to low-income veteran families of the San Antonio area. This time around, the San Antonio Stack had some assistance from family to help this fantastic cause, as Soldiers’ Angels needed 40 volunteers to assist with the distribution of much-needed groceries.


Altogether, there were 38 volunteers that showed up at 8:30 am to begin setup in the parking lot of the Soldiers’ Angels headquarters on the Northeast side of San Antonio. The Kraft Foods Food Truck arrived at 9:00 and all the volunteers formed assembly lines to move the food off the truck as quickly as possible. The event started at 10:00, so the volunteers quickly organized and bagged the food. All bags and refreshments were provided by QVC, the broadcasting television network. The line began to start flowing around 10:15 as cars drove up to each station to be loaded with much-needed food for their families. Stack-Up was stationed at the final stop, where volunteers loaded bread into the cars. After several hours, the volunteers had provided food to over 260 families of the San Antonio area.


Stack-Up, along with Soldiers’ Angels, QVC, and USAA, worked together to help San Antonio veteran families in need. Soldiers’ Angels does many great things for our nation’s heroes, including the food pantry, traveling to the VA and supporting our heroes there, and assisting actively deployed in various ways. Together, the San Antonio Stack and Soldiers’ Angels aim to help the San Antonio community in immeasurable ways.


Great job out there in San Antonio Folks. That’s how the Red Shirts Stack-Up in Texas!

If you wish to know more about the Stacks and how you can Stack Up in your town, hit the link HERE! If you are in the San Antonio region and wish to participate in events like this contact them HERE!

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