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rungun jumpgun leaps from steam to ios and android hands on

Gambitious Entertainment Inc made a solid presence at PaxWest 2016 two months ago, with a collection of games, such as Diluvion, Transport Fever, and Oh Sir! The Insult Simulator. Among this collection of games was a special side-scrolling rail-shooting platformer with a very distinctive look, RunGunJumpGun.

RunGun JumpGun made its way to the Steam platform in August, receiving a strong positive acclaim on the platform. This past week, Canadian Developers thiryThree Studios, released the game onto the iOS platforms via the Apple App Store. Additionally, they have released the game on Android platforms as well, giving phone users and mobile users a special opportunity to play RunGun JumpGun. The game is certainly not to be missed, especially for fans of science-fiction, shooting, and platforming video games, as it is quite unique.

At PAXWest, a large demo of the game was available for play. I had the special opportunity to check the game out.

Deep in the future, in the Extax solar system on the farthest reaches of the universe, faces its most dire hour. The sun, the source of light and energy at the center of this system, is dying. As it expands, it devours entire planets in its fire and flames. When its center collapses, the sun will explode into a supernova, destroying the entire system, taking billions of people in its demise. Criminals and Warlords reign supreme in these final hours of the system.

Players play as a scavenger from outside the solar system. Little is known about you, except for the fact that your character carries a minigun with unlimited ammo, and is on the hunt for the resources, known as Atomiks. Why you are here is a mystery. What will your character do, as this solar system enters its death throes? Perhaps, you will collect these Atomiks and flee the system. There is a possibility that you may not be able to escape and wish to put justice in in this terrible environment. Maybe, there is some slight chance to stop the solar system from being destroyed.

RunGun JumpGun is a game that plays exactly as it sounds. Players will run across meticulously and cleverly designed levels, using their gun to shoot enemies, navigate platforms, and avoid traps, while constantly running at full speed.


Players do not have any control over movement, leaving the controls entirely to shooting. RunGunJumpGun relies on using a two button mechanic. One button will allow players to shoot forward, while the other will allow players to “jump” The longer the jump button is held, the higher the player will go. This can become a challenge, as some levels contain ceiling hazards, such as spikes. Players may need to tap the jump button to successfully navigate the levels.

From the very beginning of the first level, the game rolls on that wonderful energy: momentum. The game is fluid, fast, and doesn’t stall. Levels are quick but filled with good, fair challenge. Interchanging between shooting and jumping feels fresh and on-point. I never fumbled with the controls or their input as everything felt smooth and polished. The rest of the experience was extremely fresh.

The best analogy I can make to RunGun JumpGun is that cult indie hit, FlappyBird, which if players recall, was a limited but sharp phenomenon in the mobile game space, as it asked players to successfully navigate through obstacles but use only one control to stay afloat. RunGun Jumpgun is similar to this, but of course, with much more style, imagination, and attitude.


Shooting your way through the dystopic sci-fi settings felt fantastic. The psychedelic visuals made each level fresh, exciting, mysterious, and dark. The mystery of trying to survive the deadly traps and obstacles is incredibly engaging. Every Atomik acquired and every level successfully navigated feel like a small accomplishment. In between levels, you will see the strange and interesting characters of this sci-fi world make a quick quip to your predicament. Before I knew it, I had breezed through about thirty levels without even realizing it, simply because I was having a tremendous amount of fun.

Another note is the incredible pulse-pounding soundtrack that players will be in tune with. A blend of techno-synth, hip-hop, electronic, and movie-score styles makes the experience all that much more pulse-pounding. Synchronized with the gameplay, the space-opera story, and the amazing space visuals, my time RunGun JumpGun was fantastic.

RunGun JumpGun is now available for PC, Mac, Android, and iPhones.

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