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rocket league top 5 tips

There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out how to play a game when the people you are playing against are just running you into the ground. Rocket League, like most games, takes time to work out your style of play, and I found a few tricks that helped me.



If you are playing on PC, listen to the computer’s recommendations about using a controller, as it will make your life infinitely easier. Rocket League is so fast paced that trying to control your car and the camera with the keyboard becomes frustrating. Thankfully, it has become so incredibly easy to get a controller for your PC that all you need is an old Xbox 360 or PS3 controller. They both can be plugged in and, with a quick Google search, the drivers can be downloaded. You’ll be ready to go about a minute after you plug it in. Save your sanity and use the controller.



If you are anything like me, you will want to jump into the madness of online competitive play right away. However, if you are having trouble keeping up with other players or understanding the physics of how the ball moves, try playing a full season. It places you into a game that is balanced by your experience. The computer’s move a bit slower, which allows you to experiment with strategies and get a good feel for the game. After playing a season, I went from hardly being able to pass the ball to a teammate to scoring 5-6 goals a game.  It is well worth taking the time to develop your skills before trying to tackle the online matches.



Rocket League has a pretty handy feature allowing you to lock on to the ball’s location, and it helps you locate the ball as it flies through the air or from across the field. The down side to the camera, however, is it becomes very confusing when steering. Since the camera is locked onto one place, forward will sometimes be reverse. This becomes an issue when the game is in full swing and you have to move fast or the other team is going to score. It is handy to be able to track the ball, but just be cautious when doing so. This one took me countless mistakes to realize what my issue was.



Walls, in most games, are designed to be obstacles or set parameters for the environment. Rocket League adds a bit more to it. The walls do keep you in the arena but are also one of your greatest assets as they allow you to drive up them, setting you up for some pretty sweet shots on goal. The ball will roll across it, as if it were the floor, but be aware it is easy to lose sight of the ball while going up the walls. I recommend waiting untill you are just past midfield before trying to slingshot the ball on the wall. Otherwise, it’s a pretty easy target for the opposing team. In addition to the walls being great for scoring goals, the ability to drive on the them makes for some great goal tending opportunities by simply jumping the gap in the walls where the goal is located, or getting fancy and looping around inside the goal itself. With a little practice, you’ll be a using the walls to rack up major points in no time at all.



At the beginning of the game and after every goal scored, you face off head to head with the other team for control of the ball. With a little practice (see tip number 2), you will be able to boost yourself into the face off and score from midfield. This is the fastest way to turn a game around in your favor. It is a game of angles and will take time getting a feel for it, but there is always the other team to factor in. They will be trying to do the same thing, so just make sure you hit the boost power ups and floor it right into the ball. Nine times out of ten you should score so long as you get there first.

These tips are by no means instructions for becoming the best player in the world, but Rocket League is a crazy game that just takes time to learn. If you use these tips, you should start to settle in faster and develop your own rhythm and style of play. Maybe the best tip I can give you is to be creative, learn how you play, and what tactics work for you.  As long as you are having a damn good time, you are doing it right.

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