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redout spotlight

In the sea of big announcements coming out of E3 2016, smaller games and studios are also getting their time in the spotlight as well. Among them, is a video game fulfilling a dire need for extremely fast racing and a futuristic setting. This game is called RedOut and is being described as a spiritual successor to F-Zero, as well as Wipeout. Featuring an eclectic, futuristic art design, multiple spaceships, and a variety of courses, RedOut looks to bring back the the challenge, thrill, and vivid imagination that comes with futuristic spaceship racing video games.

Futuristic racing games have their roots traced back to earliest days in gaming. In the golden years of cartridge-based video game systems, racing titles were the norm. SEGA gave players titles like Super Hang-On and Road Blasters while Nintendo gave us legendary racers such as F-Zero. F-Zero,in particular, was known for it’s use of “Mode 7” programming, allowing for blistering amount of speed, making for exciting, fast-paced gameplay.

As gaming consoles moved onto compact discs, racing games, such as Sony’s Wipeout, set the stage for even faster futuristic racing and visual styles. Since then, there haven’t been many games that have captured that sense of style. Various other racing video games, such as Blur and Split/Second, have made solid impacts in the world of imaginative, futuristic racing. However, they haven’t resonated for as long as the classic future racers, such as F-Zero and Wipeout.

The developer of RedOut, 34BigThings , is currently accepting signups for a closed beta of RedOut. The game is slated for release in 2016 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam platforms.

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