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PAX WEST 2018: Hong Kong Massacre Brings A deadly Experience From The Criminal Underworld

Hong Kong Massacre

Slow motion. Bullet time. Gung-Fu. These are terms often used to describe action movies. It can be argued that many of the styles of action originated from various Japanese action films, particularly from the 80’s and 90’s. One movie, for example, comes to mind in describing these styles, and that is “The Killer” directed by Jon Woo. That particular movie, which involved an assassin performing one last hit to save a mortally wounded girl, featured a large variety of over-the-top action, including dual-wielding, exaggerated gunfire, and diving while discharging a weapon, such as an assault rifle. The movie would be looked upon to build the action sequences of movies, such as The Matrix, and also became a huge inspiration for a variety of directors, such as Quentin Tarantino.

The new PS4 action game can definitely be described as an immensely inspired by action movies, such as “The Killer.” Taking place within the criminal underworld of Hong Kong, players will take the role of an assassin dealing with the darkness of the criminal underworld. I had the opportunity to play the game at PAX WEST in Seattle and it quickly became an action game to keep an eye on.

My demo involved three levels, with the only goal to eliminate all triad members. Hong Kong Massacre takes place in the top-down perspective, giving players the chance to view their enemies across rooms and doors. The game instantly reminded me of Hotline Miami, but the more I played, the more I saw how different it was in comparison. Players can use slow-motion and dive while shooting. These are two staples of over-the-top cinematic action and shooting. Players will be able to dive across stages and send volleys of bullets towards their enemies. However, there is a price, and that is the fact that players can die in a single hit.

Initially, I was gunned down frequently trying to down even one gang member. But, the more I I played, the more I found my groove, and I found myself having a blast. If players are patient, they’ll be able to surprise enemies, and really immerse themselves into the action. I was able to avoid the violent blasts of shotguns and the sheer terror of assault rifles, then dish out a flurry of bullets from my handguns. The bullet effects tore through doors, walls, and other objects in a satisfying array of destruction. Even in slow motion, the game wasn’t easy, as enemies are constantly moving in slow motion. Still, once an enemy was downed, the feeling was absolutely astounding, as the enemy went down in a gory red explosion. I was able to use the assault rifles and shotgun, getting the edge over my opponents and leaving a blazing mess behind. Overall, it was a satisfying game!

Not too much is known at this time about Hong Kong Massacre, but the game is expected to have many levels and a solid story. Between levels, cutscenes played, focusing on a young man driving a car through the rain and flashing back to visions of brutal violence. The story synopsis remains a mystery, but it looks intriguing for those looking for a criminal story deep within the criminal underworld of Hong Kong. Based upon my experience, it is looking like a solid action game experience.

Hong Kong Massacre is expected to release in 2018 for Steam and PlayStation 4.

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