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PAX West 2017: Tiny Metal is a Spiritual Successor to Advance Wars

One of the very first new games to come out of PAX West 2017 is a game daring to bring back the fascination and excitement of turn-based Japanese Games. Tiny Metal embraces the fun gameplay of classic games and is poised to bring engaging, smart, and incredible combat to new audiences

Tiny Metal is greatly inspired by the Advance Wars Series; a series of tactical, turn-based Japanese games that had an emphasis on waging war. In these particular games, players construct buildings to manufacture units, then use those units to hunt down and destroy the enemy.

Tiny Metal will take this idea and enhance it utilizing the latest UNREAL engine and new implementations into the overall gaming mechanics. From the presentation to the gameplay mechanics to the sound design, Tiny Metal is incredibly ambitious and will be introducing new takes on the genre as well.

Tiny Metal

In Tiny Metal, it is an all-out war. Players don the uniform of 2nd Lt. Nathan Gries as he leads his troops in head-to head combat with the sinister Zipang Empire.  Players will defend their Kingdom’s sovereignty in big battles that involve a variety of air-and-ground units. As a war opera, players will be thrust into a riveting story that will question the very essence of what is worth fighting for.

Tiny Metal will also introduce HERO units, specialized soldiers that are tougher and more dangerous than ordinary Infantry. The HERO Unit can be acquired through regular progress and can deploy anywhere on the battlefield. Additionally, this particular unit can carry over from mission to mission.

Tiny Metal will be arriving in Q4 2017 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, and Mac platforms. The game will be available for hands-on demos at PAX WEST.

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