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PAX South – War Stories: Veterans and Gaming Panel

War Stories Panel

One of the many exciting things that happen at a show like PAX South is all of the amazing panels. Panels can be a great way to get some insight into the gaming industry. Some panels are full of huge announcements and great talent talking about their upcoming projects. Other panels may focus on a learning or educational aspect, providing knowledge on how to succeed in the industry. Of course, some panels tackle other subjects.

Take a moment and give a watch to our War Stories Panel hosted by Stack Up founder and CEO Stephen Machuga. He is joined by several other veterans and gamers who will tell you how gaming has impacted their service and beyond.

For many military personnel, gaming isn’t just about getting a high score or unlocking achievements but using them to cope with their time in the service. Thanks to this amazing panel of veterans for telling their unique war stories of gaming and taking the time to explain how gaming acts as a way to interact with a world that doesn’t always speak their language.

If you enjoyed this panel video and will be in Boston for PAX East 2018, then make sure to look us up as the War Stories panel will continue with a new roster of speakers and of course new stories.

We hope we will see you there!

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