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Papers, Please: A Dystopic Document Thriller – Releasing on PS Vita

Over the weekend independent developers, Lucas Pope officially announced the release date for his critically revered title, Papers, Please: A Dystopian Document Thriller.  Papers, Please is a puzzle video game with the distinct setting of being focused on the Immigration and Border Patrol. Papers, Please takes place in the fictional country of Arstozka, a nation greatly inspired by the Eastern Bloc nations of the Cold War. Arstozka has just concluded a six-year war with a neighboring country. While the war has ended with peace treaties signed, the tensions are still high. Immigrants and refugees are hoping to make a new life in Arstozka.  Players play the role of a Border Patrol Agent, responsible for immigration and processing.

Players will inspect immigrants and characters making their way to the border. As a Border Agent, players have the authority to approve, detain, or arrest those entering the country. It is your duty to see that their paperwork is in order and that their reason for going into another country lines up with their documentation. There will be difficult choices to be made, such as immigrants pleading to enter the country when their paperwork is not in order. Additionally, the border is a national security installation, with armed guards on patrol A mistake by you could cost lives.

Papers, Please

The game was originally released for Steam in August of 2013, where the game grew from a niche sensation to a widespread phenomenon making waves in the ocean of major game releases.  The game made its way to Linux and iOS platforms in 2014, further garnering critical acclaim across a wider gaming audience. The game became so popular that it drew a comedy skit from comedy Youtube channel, Mega 64. Over the years, the game has garnered high praise from not just gaming critics and gamers, but even artists and educational institutions. Papers, Please has been cited as a video game that exemplifies games as an art form, as well as a game with an empathetic narrative.

Papers, Please is currently available on Steam, and will be made available for the PlayStation Vita on December 12, 2017.

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