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osiris new dawn colonize new worlds pax west preview

Space may be the final frontier, but it’s made in a gamer’s basement. Coming off the long string of amazing space video games this year,

Reverb Games, partnering with Fenix Fire Games,  is hoping to spice things up with a realistic, yet thrilling space adventure that has you colonizing a new world and surviving all the terrors that come with the unknown.

Osiris: New Dawn is a colonization space game, that has you as a lone explorer being the first to discover new worlds. However, you aren’t just any explorer. You are an astronaut, skilled in the fields of science, human biology, and the ability to live and work in an extra-terrestrial environment!

In Osiris: new Dawn, your job is  to successfully colonize and potentially terraform a new world for habitable human habitation. In addition to supporting yourself, you will have to research food and fuel sources, which constantly change the world you explore. In addition, there are indigenous lifeforms, native to the planet. Some may be friendly, while others are ready to kick you out of their home.

Look for Osiris: New Dawn to be playable at PAX West  in Seattle next week, from September 2nd to the 5th. The game will launch on September 12th on Steam.

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