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One More Dungeon – From Ratalaika Games Launching December 14th

You’ve fought hundreds of monsters. Your health is low. You don’t have a lot of resources left. Your chances of survival are looking grim. But you are a dungeon explorer, so you do what is best and explore One More Dungeon. Form Ratalaika Games, the makers of a variety of flamboyant titles, such as Blasting Agent and Two Robots, comes One More Dungeon.

Ratalaika games are putting their spin on the first-person shooter with a game reminiscent of the early 1990’s shooters, such as Wolfenstein 3D. One More Dungeon is a procedurally generated first-person shooter with modern mechanics but the nostalgic presentation.  Players will be thrust across the battle of their lives in one final dungeon. Players will fight against over 30 types of enemies, from monsters to trolls to gremlins and other foul vermin.

One More Dungeon is also a roguelike,  featuring a variety of customizable modifiers to tailor a players’ experience into the dungeon.  Fighting these monsters and saving the world sounds like a completely stress-free drive, except that it isn’t. One More Dungeon will feature a sanity level for players to maintain throughout their quest. Maintaining that level will be the key to successfully conquering the evil that lies deep within the dungeon.

You will be able to get your hands on the game when it releases December 14th!

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