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Oh Sir…The Insult Simulator – Arrives On PS4, Hollywood Edition on Steam

We have all played fighting video games, but how about a fighting game that is fought not with fists or weapons, but with words. While it has often been said that actions speak louder than words, words still do hurt and when used wisely, they can cause extreme damage. From Polish developers, Vile Monarch, Lichtspeer developers Crunching Koalas, and Gambitious Inc comes Oh Sir…The Insult Simulator, a fighting game where proper grammar and knowing your opponents emotions are the key to delivering the mother of all insults in a winning move.

Oh Sir...The Insult Simulator

In Oh Sir…The Insult Simulator, players can choose from one of several characters. Each character has their own language, grammar, and emotional attributes, which makes each playthrough very unique. In each fight, your best weapons are your wits and your ability to construct a fine sentence using your language. Fights take place in a turn-based format. on each turn, players choose a subject, then assemble verbs and adjectives to construct their insult. Players can make brief sentences or long ones. Players also have to take into account grammar as each word selection is against the clock. Choose wrongly, and your insult will come off with limited damage.  If players are skilled in making their longer sentences with insults, they can really deliver a knock-out punch without ever lifting a finger.

Knowing your opponent is most important in a duel. For example, In a recent playthrough I had, I learned that my opponent does not take kindly to insults relating to her mother.  I strung together a sentence ” Your mother acts like a cream-faced loon and is ready to kick the bucket!” While this would cause some damage to other opponents, this particular insults nearly cleared her entire health bar. Not only was this effective, but as the game has voice actors, hearing your insult read aloud against your opponent was quite enjoyable.

At PAX EAST in Boston, the Gambitious booth showcased Oh Sir…The Insult Simulator: The Hollywood Roast. As a sequel to the original game, The Hollywood Roast takes the same formula, but puts them in the world of modern-day Hollywood, filled with familiar actors, popular movie franchises, and all the salt that comes with it. At PAX EAST, I had an opportunity to play a demo fo the game, which had me pitted with Ian McKellan from the Lord Of The Rings against Daniel Radcliffe from the Harry Potter franchise. Both actors were dressed in their recognizable attire, and the two traded insults from the lunacy of wizardry to the obsession of the ring of power. I was able to make plenty of “your mom” jokes, with Gandalf. The insults went into their source material, such as insulting the fact that his life revolves around the ring of power. The Hollywood Roast is now available on Steam, The Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store.

Look for Oh..Sir The Insult Simulator on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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