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nintendo switch

Nintendo Switch

It feels like it’s been years since we first heard about Nintendo’s next device, the NX. Every week came with a new slew of rumors. Some of them were totally off-base, while others were definitely on the right track. Today, Nintendo revealed the Nintendo Switch – a console that you can take with you on the go.

A few things of note – how exactly the Switch works is easier to show than it is to describe, and Nintendo’s going all-in on making sure they make the process of going from a console to a handheld as quick as possible. It’s as quick and simple as flipping a switch, if I had to wager.

There’s still a lot of questions, like what the price of the device is going to be or what the battery life of the tablet is going to be. It’s wise to play it skeptical before you hop aboard the hype train, but based on the initial third-party support showcased, they seem to be learning from their mistakes.

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