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Mr. Shifty – PAX South Hands On!

tinyBuild had a heck of a presence at Pax South 2017, this year, with an entire variety of games to show to everyone on the floor. From Streets of Rogue to Punch Club, there was something for everyone at the bright orange both that represents tinyBuild. As one of the first games I played during the event, I decided to play, Mr. Shifty, a game with a simple title, but one hell of a gameplay mechanic. Contrary to the game’s title, players are not shifting gears in a car, but instead, are shifting through space, as players have the power to wield teleportation. With this power, players will embark on a great heist into one of the world’s most secure facilities.

I had a few moments to play Mister Shifty, which is making its way to Steam sometime soon. From the very beginning, the game began with me learning the tricks to teleportation. Mr. Shift can go through walls and surfaces, and also has super-strength to kick down doors and wield melee weapons. Your objective is to clear the opposition and search the entire facility for the big payday.

The gameplay could be compared to Hotline Miami, as one hit will kill you. Your enemies are armed with a variety of weapons and brute force. Using your teleportation powers, you will teleport instantly across levels, dodging enemy fire, and proceed to pummel your opponents with ease.

Mr. Shifty

During my ten-minute demo, I was allowed to teleport amongst the level, which included hallways, libraries, and office space. Using one button, and the analog stick, is was able to zip instantly across levels, dodging bullets with ease. It was as if I was an embodiment of Quicksilver who was made famous for his particular scenes during the most recent X-Men films.

Each level was fast-paced and incredibly exciting. Moving about the level and pummeling bad guys into oblivion was nothing short of fantastic. The action got even better with the use of melee weapons, such as poles. Using these particular weapons in the high-speed action was nothing short of spectacular.

Of course, things got more complicated, as the bad guys became stronger and more numerous. Some “brute” enemies took multiple blows to take down, and others were now armed with more potent weapons, such as shotguns and assault rifles. I did get hit and die a few times, though the game is lenient in allowing a slow-mo effect to occur, in order to avoid any bullets coming at you. It took repeat attempt, but I managed to successfully defeat the tougher enemies.

Some of the other touches were doubly satisfying. Seeing enemies punched into walls and other foes was satisfying, in addition to hitting some enemies so hard, they broke through windows and fell to their ends below. The sound effects, coupled with the visual presentation, did give the vibe of a comic book, while clearly being inspired by brutal action game, Hotline Miami, which isn’t a bad thing.

Mr. Shifty will be available on Steam, with ambitions to head to consoles, sometime this year.

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