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movie buff trivia fun at pax south 2017

Movie Buff

I am a movie fan, the kind that can rattle off actors, and one-liners on the fly, so when I heard about Movie Buff at PAX South 2017, I was immediately interested. The folks at Golden Bell entertainment have created a game that allows for both the novice and the film fan to enjoy reminiscing about their favorite movies together.

The gameplay of Movie Buff is relatively straightforward with players seeking to create a “take” out of various trivia cards that will ask you to name actors, roles, and other interesting facts about films. The neat thing is that the players are the ones choosing the movies referenced.

Movie Buff

What this in essence means is that Movie Buff contains every film ever made. It is a very slick way of incorporating some free-form gameplay within a fun structure. Other cards will have you playing moves that affect the strategy of the game such as Reverse or Take 5 which allows you to skip your turn.

All in all Movie Buff is a great addition to anyone’s game night collection. The freeform play will ensure that the games are always tailored to your interests, while the simplicity will keep the action moving and the good times rolling!

Thanks to the folks at Golden Bell Entertainment for taking their time at the convention to play a round with us and show us the game. Make sure to visit their website HERE to check out the game for yourself.

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