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Megaton Rainfall – PS4/ PSVR Title Now Available

We’ve all wanted to be superheroes at some point. We have all wanted to fly across the stars. We have all wanted to defend our planet from impossible odds. If you still have those dreams, then Pentadimensional Games Studios in Spain has just released the game you’ve always wanted to play.

Plucked from our very superhero dreams, Megaton Rainfall has arrived to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR. Utilizing an experimental universal-scale engine and procedural generation, Megaton Rainfall is unlike any experience this year.

Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall puts you in the role of a super-powered human being. How and why you have these powers is a complete mystery, but it allows you to wield the power of a demi-god. Players can break the surly bonds of the Earth, skim along the rings of Saturn, skirt along the surface of Mars, and arrive quickly back to Earth in a matter of moments, With your untold strength and power, you will be the sole defender of The Earth as it is under siege by a cutting edge and vicious alien race.

Megaton Rainfall

Players have limitless potential, comparable to Superman or Dr. Manhattan. Players will encounter an entire alien invasion armada, destroying enemy capital ships and ground troops. Players will need to exercise caution as one misplaced direction of attack has the potential to instantly wipe out an entire city.

Megaton Rainfall is now available for download from the PlayStation Store.

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