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Meet Our Air Assaults – Twitchcon 2018

It is that time of year again, where thousands of streamers and their communities head down to enjoy the gaming fun of TwitchCon! This year the event is being held at a new location in San Jose, but it promises to bring the same Twitch flavored action over the course of three awesome days.

We here at Stack Up are excited to introduce you to two amazing Veterans who will be our Air Assaults for Twitchcon this year. Both of these Vets are big-time fans of the streaming scene and have even been known to stream themselves They are looking forward to meeting follow streamers to network and of course to meet some of the favorite streamers and play some amazing games.


Bobby Rivers

Favorite Twitch/Mixer Streamers- TimTheTatman, DRDisrespect, Sodapoppin, Asmongold, Summit, Shroud

Air Assaults

U.S. Army National Guard

I am 30 years old and I deployed overseas when I was just 18. I was in the Army National Guard and I enlisted when I was only 17. I was enlisted back in 2005 and left in 2011. I was a 19 Delta Cav scout.

As far as my activities and things, I go to college where I am working to become a computer programmer for my bachelors, and I have managed to hold a 4.0 GPA. I am very proud of that achievement due to no other family member has ever gone to college.

Gaming has done more than anything I can ever imagine in helping me. I have trouble going out and I have dealt with not being able to do very well in public situations or making friends in general and with gaming, I am able to feel like I’m me and it’s an amazing feeling to be able to open up. I have started streaming my dream is to one day become partnered on twitch and do streaming full time I would love to be able to help others with the power of gaming.

I would do anything to do that. I have affected a few peoples lives so far by making the day of a viewer better, and even though it helps me by streaming, I know I help a lot of people by just having something to look forward to, and that feeling I wouldn’t trade for the world.


Kevin Rasins

Favorite Twitch/Mixer Streamers- Dr. Disrespect, CobaltStreak, Dansgaming

U.S. Army

I am a Twitch Partner under username Scottoria. Been streaming for just over 3 years now. Recently changed game genres from the mobile game Clash of Clans (where I originally partnered streaming) to now Path of Exile sort of starting over with building a new community.

I’ve been in the Army for almost 10 years with 1 deployment to Afghanistan. I’ve had 3 MOS’s 35F (intelligence analyst), 18C (Q-course/special forces engineer), and now 92A (logistical specialist).

Gaming has been a monstrous part of my life since I was young playing super Nintendo and Sega to modern day PC gaming mostly. It’s a great out and stress reliever from 12-multi-day missions at work.

I have had so many younger minds that are considering joining the armed forces come through my stream and ask all sorts of questions along with cherry privates that need advice from a seasoned NCO. I have a huge passion for helping out other potential content creators and gamers as best I can.


Keep an eye out after the convention as we will be sharing all the fun these Veterans will experience at TwitchCon as our Air Assaults with our post-convention video shortly after we return to the offices after the weekend. If you are going to be in San Jose and at the convention keep an eye out for the Red Shirts and Stack Up with us at our booth. We hope to see you there!

If you’d like to make a donation that helps support our Air Assault program or if you would like to answer the Call To Arms with you own charity stream and help us make an impact during this upcoming Veterans day, hit the link below for intel on how you can sign up!

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