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madden 17 stacking up in huntsville


Last Tuesday, August 23rd saw the release of the latest in the storied Madden football franchise. One of our local Stack Members, Brandon Parker, had an amazing opportunity to attend the Curse party celebrating the launch of the gridiron action. Read on and take a look at all of the amazing pictures from the event.



Every year, Curse brings the release party of Madden to the Von Braun Center (now called the Probst Arena) with pomp and circumstance, and this year was no different. Although this release party was one of the first of this kind that I attended, the fine people at Curse, Muthead, Twitch and EA made this event one that was very special.

When I say arena, I do mean the entire arena, with the arena football field (Huntsville had a professional arena football team, but was sold off and moved a couple of years ago….sad), a marching band, and a crowd. Once I entered the arena, it made me feel like I was stepping onto the gridiron and ready for battle. On the floor was Xbox One systems with Madden 2017 that anyone (yes, anyone) can come and play the game, with one exception.


One of the Xbox One systems was a game called the MUT Lottery, which is a random number generator card game in which you can win the football players in the game. You had three packs to try, and if you won an ultra rare card, which is their superstars, you win that card into your Playstation or Xbox account. I played the lottery and won Darelle Revis from the Jets, which is one of their ultra-rare cards. Of course, I did play the base game itself against other people and had a ball with that. My team was and is the New England Patriots, to which I won a lot of games with.

Not only was the game there but some games that you can play to earn free stuff. The skills competition was at one of the end zones, to where you can throw a football through a net, kick a field goal, and go through a skill gauntlet. I tried the first two and 1. It’s been a long time since I threw a football 2. I can’t kick a field goal to save my life. The band, which was the Alabama A&M Marching Band, was excellent not only in their playing but acting as the crowd celebrating each field goal someone attempted.


Of course, I can’t mention Madden 17 without Muthead, which is a fan site all about Madden. They brought with them people that are passionate about Madden so much so that they can talk your ear off about which NFL team is overpowered or underpowered. Yes, you can even play Madden with Muthead, and they were exquisite at it. Just think of eSports level good. They also even live streamed the entire event on their Twitch channel, which the live stream was broadcasted at the event as well. If you see the live stream event video on demand, you can tell the level of dedication Muthead has with Madden and it’s community.

The Madden 17 Launch Party was a smashing success. From the excellent people to the games, even the arena itself was impressive, and we can’t wait until Curse, Muthead and others bring the heat for Madden 18.


Thanks so much Brandon for taking the time to share this story! Looks like the folks at Curse really know how to put on a good party. If you are a fan of Madden make sure to head on over and check out Muthead to get in on all the action!

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