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Let Them Come – Versus Evil Launches the Game to PS4

At one point or another, we have all been the last man standing in a seemingly impossible battle. An army is set before us. There is no other help coming. The only thing that stands between victory and defeat is you. And in the case of Let Them Come, you and your array of futuristic power are the first, only, and last line of defense. Releasing from VERSUS EVIL, Let Them Come is a traditional side-scrolling arcade shooter, where players must fight a monstrous alien horde in the narrow corridors of a fledgling spaceship.

As a space mercenary-for-hire, you take on a vicious alien army for the chance of winning it big. However, these creatures a wild and deadly, with the sole purpose of killing and devouring every other living creature in sight. Your goal is to stop them with the weapons at your disposal. However, players will have to worry about their ammunition, boosters, energy levels, and the randomized variety of aliens that step forward. Players will undoubtedly die quite often, but each new life is another lesson learned.

Let Them Come

Players will also be at a slight disadvantage as the ship lighting systems have been damaged. Using tracer rounds and the light from explosions will give players a better sense of where the enemy is and how to target them. Players will be greatly challenged by fierce boss fights and a constant desire to move up the leaderboards. Let Them Come is a game that dares players to rise to the challenge.

Let Them Come is now available on the PS4 and on Steam.

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