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Last Man Sitting – Heads to Steam Early Access in Early 2018

Few game modes are as intense as a game of “Last Man Standing”. Whether is it making it to the final round of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds or winning a match of Search & Destroy in Call of Duty, gamers will attest to the adrenaline surge that comes when playing this game mode.

Senses are heightened, grips tightened, reflexes are extremely sensitive, and every move made make determines victory or defeat. It’s a tried and true game mode that has consistently worked, but Kevin of PixelPizza Games sees something different that can be added to the game type. In fact, it can be said he sees something completely different!

Last Man Sitting

Kevin is making a game that dismisses military tactics and large landscapes, and instead, focuses on the frenzied chaos of an office environment. Of course, there are guns and high-powered weapons, but you will be battling for cubicle domination and sending fighters in their office chairs flying. This is Last Man Sitting, a brand new game that is sending shockwaves through the steam community.

Last Man Sitting is a quick-hitting online multiplayer game, where the objective is to kill each other as rapidly as humanly possible, while never leaving their own chair. Players will have access to a variety of guns and explosives in a battle across the office space.  Using these weapons will provide a host of fun moments, as the game’s physics engine accounts for recoil. Using a shotgun may send your chair flying across the office while using a rocket launcher will turn a simple space into a chaotic tornado of file cabinets and computers.

Last Man Sitting will include several game modes for players to enjoy. In addition to a Battle Royale mode, Last Man Sitting will have the traditional Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch modes. Finally,  there will be a soccer mode, a race mode, and multiple maps to fight in. The game is promising to be fast, frenzied, and an incredible amount of fun. Using the latest Unity engine and ragdoll physics, players will have a very distinctive combat experience.

Last Man Sitting will be on Steam Early Access sometime in early 2018. As of this writing, it can now be added to a wishlist.

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