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Invector – Spaceship music shooter announced, starring AVICCI

Everyone has an acquired taste in music. Some like rock and roll, some like Top 40 pop, and others like Country. When music works, it can uplift and transform into an amazing experience for anyone, especially video game players. Music has made an indistinguishable mark on video games, from Guitar Hero to Rockband, as well as Rocksmith and Amplitude.

However, there have been smaller developers that have worked with various music genres for their games, with titles such as Stereo Aero and Cosmophony changing what the rhythm music game genre can be. Continuing this trend, Hello There Games is proud to announce Invector, a rhythm spaceship shooter just announced at Paris Games Week in Paris, France.

Invector will have players traveling across entire planets through specially designed paths, all built into the very fabric of the music. Supplying the music is world-leading EDM artist AVICCI, known for creating energized music tracks and drawing millions of fans from around the world.


Through handmade designs and custom construction, players will fly across these tracks, collecting the right elements that compose the track. The melody, rhythm, and other attributes will also be laid before the player, however, quick reflexes and memorization will be the key to successfully completing each track.

Visually, Invector will feature stunning neon colored graphics and vibrant hues to fulfill the sensation of partying across the stars. There will be a single player story as well. While not much is known at this time, it revolves around a mysterious young woman, named Stella, a Collector Pilot on a still-unknown mission. With the developers having worked incredibly hard on the designs of the game, the difficulty level of Invector will be open for those seeking either a casual experience or a more hardcore experience.

Look for Invector to come out soon for the PlayStation 4.

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