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Hype: Apex Legends Coming to Nintendo Switch

By: Sahara McGirt (DarthSagaSwag)

In a move that seems like a great way for Respawn to expand their market, Apex Legends is making its way to the Nintendo Switch with a Nintendo-exclusive Pathfinder skin. Switch players will also get the first 30 ranks of the season 8 battle pass for free, as the Switch port drops in the middle of the season.

From what I can tell from the trailer, the game's resolution seems to be lower, as happens with most Nintendo Switch ports. I'm interested in seeing how it plays on my Nintendo Switch Lite, and since it is free, I will definitely be testing it out. Return to us after March 9th to get my opinion on the matter.

One of my concerns with the port is how well the game will play with Apex Legends' robust online features, particularly cross-play. Perhaps sacrificing resolution will help the game hold up whenever game rounds reach peak chaos.

Apex Legends drops on the Nintendo Switch on March 9, 2021.

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