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hearthstone zoolock deck and strategy guide


Last week, we diverged from the meta, hard. With Zoolock, we’re sticking a little closer to the normal conventions but throwing some interesting twists into it too.

If you’ve seen my other decks, you’ve heard me gush over my boy Brann Bronzebeard before. Having battlecries that trigger twice can be the difference between winning and losing most of the time, but he’s such a good card that he’s bound to be a target for your opponent to quickly dispatch. Be sure you save Brann for one or two killer additions to your combo arsenal and play around the fact that he will be targeted.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 11.48.10 AM

Zoolock is all about filling up your board with small, viable minions who keep your opponent from setting up any real board presence of their own. Because your minions tend to be small in stature, you’ll have to watch out for area of effect spells like Lightbomb, Holy Nova, Brawl, or Frost Nova into Doomsayer. Usually you can see these sorts of strategies coming, but it’s still worth looking out for. You don’t want to lose that precious board control. The more you build it up, the more finishing blows from the likes of a Sea Giant that will happen.

Simple combos like Arcane Golem into Power Overwhelming and Abusive Sergeant are powerful finishing moves in this deck, provided your opponent hasn’t beefed up his defenses with taunts or armor. Knife Juggler in unison with Dr. Boom, or Imp-plosion, or Haunted Creeper can throw a healthy dose of RNG into your battle plan.


Most variants of Zoolock do well against a lot of popular decks in the current meta. Patron Warriors, Secret Paladins, even a Mid-Range Druid on an off day can be overwhelmed. Just watch out for Freeze Mages, they will shut you down more than any other deck.

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